We are your Personal Trainer Course Provider

The Exercise Academy trading name for the School of Business Ltd. Personal Trainer Education Provider

Registered with NZQA in 2003, the School of Business Ltd is family owned and operated. Having family at the foundation of our business has long provided perspectives in addition to that of being an education provider. Please view our Course Handbook view more details. 

Our Vision

To build a community of exercise enthusiasts who excite New Zealanders to exercise and be healthier. The Exercise Academy vision is to motivate and inspire New Zealanders to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We wish to create communities of sharing individuals that are knowledgable, experienced and project positive attitudes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to have a positive impact on our student’s lives by creating a memorable educational experience. Exercise Academy is committed to graduating Exercise Professionals with current and relevant tools that will secure their future success whether employed or as small business owners.

Our Values

At the Exercise Academy we want to ensure everyone’s experience is empowering, and that education is delivered in an encouraging and supportive environment, but still allows for individual accountability. We promise you an educational journey with challenging and rewarding knowledge which, if embraced, can lead to many opportunities and career paths as an exercise professional.

We value each student's live-journey and endeavour to facilitate this knowledge to booster the overall learning experience. We value not only the quality of the education being delivered, but also how it is being delivered.

Our Educators

Our educators are professionals who are active in the exercise and wellbeing industry. These individuals are passionate about delivering safe, effective and knowledgeable exercise instruction that can often only come with experience. They understand the power of continual improvement and therefore apply that practice to their own careers.

Why should I enrol with the Exercise Academy

Our definition of success for each student is that they are career-ready. This means our graduates enter the marketplace equipped and prepared with the right attitudes, skills and knowledge. There are no shortcuts when it comes to being an exercise professional, when our graduates commence their careers, their success is a reflection of our education.

We consider the Exercise Academy big on creating positive attitudes within our communities. This is indicative of our core focus of continuous improvement, and is also why our students will return time and time again for further professional development.