Expectation of Students

All students are expected to fully participate in class and to complete self-directed learning and homework assigned by tutors. Depending on your background, some of you will be unsure to some of the learning and teaching approaches in class. You will be expected to participate in teamwork activities, group discussions, presentations, role-playing exercises, problem solving and logic as well as the more traditional teaching/ learning methods. This applies especially to the communications skills component within your course.

Aggressive / Illegal Behaviour

Should you display offensive, aggressive or illegal behaviour or cause harm (being mental or physical) to a member of staff, other students or visitors while attending this course, the alleged behaviour and/or incident will be investigated. As a result of that investigation you will be subjected to a disciplinary interview that may lead to suspension and/or withdrawal from the course and further action from other external bodies.

Exercise Academy endeavours to provide a learning environment that is supportive of group and individual learning. Students are expected to take responsibility, in line with all current workplace practices and legislation, for their own learning and behaviour during both online and face to face course participation.

This requires support from all students and it is therefore expected that students will:

  • Respect the rights of other students in the course.
  • Be respectful of Exercise Academy staff and representatives.
  • Comply with Exercise Academy policies: discrimination, bullying behaviour, or harassment of any form will not be tolerated.
  • Follow guidance in relation to safety instructions and report any safety issues or non-compliance to staff immediately. Workplace health and safety is a priority for all staff and students.
  • Refrain from behaviour that is disruptive, childish, offensive, or which may undermine group dynamics.
  • Be honest in providing Exercise Academy with information regarding any medical conditions and learning needs that may impact on the student to meet the course requirements and completion time-frames.
  • Represent Exercise Academy with professionalism and integrity when participating in courses both online and face to face, including when utilising another facility for practical logbooks or work experience.
  • Follow directions in relation to smoking as smoking is not permitted inside the Exercise Academy premises, and to comply with legislation, students are not to smoke in front of the building.
  • Not partake in the consumption of alcohol or drugs 8 hours prior to attending a Mentoring Weekend and/or Assessment Day. Alcohol is not to be brought or consumed on or near the facilities. Any student found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to attend a Mentoring Weekend and / or Assessment Day or use any fitness equipment.
  • Not wilfully damage or thieve any item, private, public or belonging to Exercise Academy, as this is considered to be a serious offence and not reflective of Exercise Academy values.

Academic Behaviour

It is important that you, as a student, understand exactly what is and what is not cheating, so you can avoid committing the act whether intentionally or unintentionally.

The following constitute forms of cheating (some but not all forms):

  • Getting or giving your assignments/assessments to another
  • Using assignments/assessments submitted in previous semesters
  • Soliciting to have someone do your assignments/assessments in part/or in whole for
  • Having someone do your assignments/assessments in part/or in whole for you
  • Doing someone else's assignments/assessments for
  • Copying someone else's work that includes getting stuff from the web and other sources, not just your
  • Submitting work that is not completely created by you (see plagiarism)
  • Using notes and illegal material during an assessment
  • Looking at someone else's work during an assessment or asking someone during the assessment for
  • Possessing an unauthorized copy of an assignments/assessment.
  • Using technology to get answers during an
  • Telling someone, in detail, what answers to enter on their assignments?
  • Knowing that someone has cheated and NOT telling you tutor about

This maybe difficult for some to comply with but the school expects that if you know you will encourage those involved to either redo the work legitimately or to inform the school that they cheated. Withholding this information is aiding and abetting cheating and thus you too are cheating.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is defined in the Macquarie Dictionary as ‘the appropriation or imitation of another's ideas and manner of expressing them ... to be passed off as one's own’. At SBL, plagiarism is regarded as cheating and is treated with disciplinary action.

Plagiarism includes: Quoting, paraphrasing, copying, or in any way using ideas from a published or unpublished source without proper acknowledgment of referencing; duplicating any work in magnetic form, such as computer readable spreadsheet or Internet material; submitting work developed jointly with another person without acknowledging this fact.

Should you be found guilty of any of the above listed forms of cheating you will receive a warning from the school.

Being on Time

You are required to be on time for learning and classes will start on time the school has regulations regarding attendance timings which will dictate what will occur should you fail to attend classes at the correct time.

P         Present (you are marked present only if you attend at the stipulated time).

AWN   Excused (you have notified the tutor prior to class that you will be late and the tutor agrees that the excuse is valid).

DC      Doctor’s Certificate (you have been absent but you have a doctor’s certificate to support your absence * See Note)

L         Late (should you be between 1 and 10 minutes late for a class then you will be marked late which can affect your attendance rate)

A        Absent (should you be more that 10 minutes late for class or you fail to attend a class you will be marked absent which will affect your attendance rate)

H        Holidays (you are on approved holidays) 

If you are going to be late, you are expected to inform your tutor or reception. *Note: School rules state that only medical certificates from registered New Zealand medical practitioners will be accepted.


Students must attend at least 80% of classes (though they are expected to attend 100%) and must achieve 80% of the module criteria and/or units in each of the macro skill in each level to gain the level. An attendance role is taken morning and afternoon, a hard copy and a computer database is retained with this information.

Always let the school know if you cannot come in. Ring us each day if you are having problems or cannot come to school. You will need a medical certificate if you are sick for more than two days.

Warning Letters

If your attendance and/or academic performance becomes unsatisfactory, the school will contact you. You will receive a first warning letter, a second warning letter and then a final warning letter before being withdrawn from the school. You will also be expected to attend a meeting with the Education Manager on each occasion you receive a warning letter. 

Eating and Drinking

No eating or drinking (tea, coffee) except water in a capped bottle during class time. No food or drink is permitted in the classrooms. Time is allocated throughout the day for breaks; these times are displayed throughout the premises.


If you use drugs or alcohol on the premises during course hours, or come to class under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will face disciplinary procedures or be withdrawn from the course.

Visitors and Friends

Visitors and friends are welcome to enter the School if you inform the receptionist. If your relatives or guardians want to meet the staff or the Programme Manager, please make an appointment.


For health and safety the School is a NO SMOKING area. Please smoke outside and NOT near the entrance to either building. Smoking is banned in most buildings in New Zealand.


Please be very careful of your possessions. Do not leave any of your valuables unattended. The School can take no responsibility for theft or lost property

Disciplinary Action

Any breaches of behaviour or where individual behaviour impacts on group learning and/or harmony, Exercise Academy representatives have the right to undertake the following steps:

  1. Provide the student with a verbal warning which clearly identifies the issues that are of concern and are not acceptable. Notes of this warning will be recorded in the student’s file.
  2. If the behaviour continues; after informing Exercise Academy Management; the student will be provided with a written warning. This warning will also be recorded in the student’s file.
  3. If the behaviour continues, the student may have access to online functions (i.e. student forum) restricted and/or may be informed they are unable to attend Exercise Academy Mentoring Weekends and Assessment Days.
  4. Further continuation of the behaviour may result in the student being asked (in writing) to leave the course (The student will not be eligible for a refund).