Student Orientation

At the beginning of the course, information relating to the course outcomes, assessment methods, pathways, vocational outcomes, course content, information on RPL and where to get support for language, literacy and numeracy is provided to students. Courses are delivered using appropriate teaching strategies and using progressive adult education principles.

Student Support

Students are offered support in language and literacy (by referral) when appropriate. Exercise Academy provides advice on training and assessment pathways and if these are beyond the resources of the college, students will be referred to other agencies.

Weekend Workshops

Exercise Academy provides support for all students with the availability of Weekend Workshops. These weekends and assessment days are scheduled during student orientation and periodically run throughout the year. Students are required to attendance all 3 workshops to complete the programme.

Students who have been identified and qualify for added assistance may complete additional workshops and/or indivdualised tutorials. Tutorials are an additional service offered by Exercise Academy and it is essential that students book in advance to use the service.

Phone Support

At the commencement of enrolment, students’ are allocated a primary nominal tutor and will receive their direct contact details. The students’ primary tutor is where students should direct the majority of their enquiries pertaining to the course content and their progression. Tutors will make contact from time to time to check in on the student but it is still the responsibility of the student to seek the assistance of their tutor to aid them throughout the efficient progression of their course. Students are encouraged to use their phone sessions and unlimited email support with their tutor.

Online Student Support Services & Tutorials

Students are to use the online community platform (EA Workplace) and forums as their first point of call to look at FAQ lists and make reference of questions previously asked. Students can email question(s) to their allocated tutor.


Three (3) weeks should be allowed for marking to be completed after a student hands in a piece of assessment.

Student Records

Exercise Academy will make sure that all relevant records are current, accurate, and have their integrity maintained. Students are responsible for informing Exercise Academy of changes to their personal information (i.e. new residential address or phone number).

Students may have access to their own records as per the Exercise Academy Privacy Policy.

Student records are secured by Exercise Academy to ensure confidentiality and are kept for a period of 7 (seven) years. Access by people other than Exercise Academy staff is granted only when the student provides written permission or for mandatory audits such as those carried out by various Accrediting Bodies.

Student Welfare and Guidance

Educational and training guidance is available to all students. This includes adjustments and modifications to assessment and training and advice on pathways and directions. Student welfare support is given in the form of referrals to other agencies.