Course Structure

Module 1 - Safe and Effective Exercise Programmes

The programme starts out with participants learning how to deliver safe and effective exercise programmes to individuals. Exercise plans are created, based on exercise prescription principles, to meet the agreed goals of the clients. This Module is one of three that fall under the Deliver and Adapt Programmes theme. The other two are Module 2: Anatomy and Physiology and Module 3: Exercise Science and Testing. specific system and assessing it before moving on to the next. It prepares learner with the science behind how the human body works at the level of key body and energy production systems that underpins all exercise prescription, testing and adaptation.

Module 2 – Anatomy and Physiology

This module runs throughout the programme, focusing on how to motivate them to adopt an agreed personalised plan and stay committed to the plan in order to meet their exercise goals and objectives.

Module 3 – Exercise Science and Testing

Building on Modules 1 and 2, Module 3 looks at using exercise science and results from exercise tests to inform adaptations to exercise programmes for the purposes of keeping clients moving safely and efficiently towards their exercise goals. A range of common exercise tests are examined along with their uses and potential drawbacks.

Module 4 - Communicate and motivate

This module is the first of two under the Client Support theme. It looks at specific skills that can be employed to communicate effectively with clients

Module 5 - Health, Wellness and Nutrition

Module 5 is the second of the Client Support modules. It looks at supporting exercise programmes through a health and wellness framework and evidence-based nutrition principles and making referrals to allied health professionals where appropriate.

Module 6 - Marketing and Business Tools

The final module prepares learners to plan and market a personal training business. It offers business planning and marketing tools and techniques and sets the learner on the direction of getting ready to launch a self-employed personal training business.