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New Zealand Certificate in Exercise (Level 4)

This webpage will provide information regarding your studies and completion of our programme, the New Zealand Certificate in Exercise (Level 4) - [NZQA Qualification Reference 3563]

The aims of our programme are to:

  1. Develop key skills and knowledge required to successfully operate a personal training business in a fitness facility
  2. Recognise the skills and knowledge required to operate a success personal training business in a fitness facility
  3. Enable current employees of fitness industry organisations to validate on-job knowledge of technical exercise instruction and small business operations.
  4. Provide the fitness industry with personal trainers who are able offer their services through their facilities and who are well equipped to operate a sustainable personal training business.  

Graduate Profile Outcomes

Graduates will be able to:

  1. Deliver safe and effective exercise programmes, including prescreening, within own scope of practice and industry code of ethics;
  2. Apply knowledge of anatomy and physiology to adapt and deliver safe and effective exercise programmes to individuals;
  3. Adapt programmes for apparently healthy people and common at risk groups using exercise science and testing;
  4. Apply motivational and communication techniques to enhance individual participant commitment to a personalised exercise programme;
  5. Apply a health and wellness framework and evidence-based nutrition principles to support a personalised exercise programme and recommend referral pathways to allied health professionals;
  6. Use marketing and business tools and techniques to support business practices as an exercise professional. 

Education Pathway

This qualification provides a pathway to, and is a prerequisite for, the New Zealand Certificate in Exercise (Level 5) [Ref: 3564]. This qualification shares some common competencies with the New Zealand Certificate in Freestyle Group Exercise (Level 4) [Ref: 3565], which may be used by learners to expand their skill and knowledge base.

Employment Pathway

Although this programme is primarily aimed at those who wish to work as personal trainers, graduates can also be employed or self-employed in roles such as: Exercise Consultant, Community Exercise Instructor, and Team Training Instructor. In the future graduates may wish to seek out more senior roles within the fitness industry such as senior personal trainer roles, personal training manager, gym manager and/or owner.

This webpage onines the components of the course, the course timetable and delivery plan, covers key health and safety requirements and information, and lists the requirements for you to successfully complete the programme. Best wishes, work hard and you will achieve success.