The following is a list of items and specifications required to complete your course with Exercise Academy.


Operating system - Recommended: Win 12+, Mac OSX 11.11+

Internet speed - Use a broadband connection (256 Kbit/sec or faster this will ensure that you can view videos) through USB wireless modem, ADSL, T1/T2, fibre optic or cable. Dial-up access will be significantly slower, and we do not recommend it for using Moodle.

Internet browsers - Google Chrome (recommended for optimal compatibility). Note that add-ons and toolbars can affect any browsers performance. If you have any difficulty accessing your online learning centre, reset your browser cache before contacting us.

We recommend that the following be enabled:
- Cookies, Javascript and Popups (in both internet browser and security software)
- We recommend that you use the latest version of Adobe Flash Player and Reader
- With all firewalls, ensure that you enable uploading of files.

To view all the resources uploaded to Moodle and to be able to complete assessment templates, you will need to have Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or an equivalent (e.g. Google Drive, Open Office, Viewer) installed.

Peripherals - Printer and Scanner

Tablet and/or smart phone with video capability (for potential filming)

Exercise Facilities

Students will require access to an Exercise Facility during the length of their study:

- Pin and plate weight machines
- Free weights
- Electrical cardio equipment
- Group exercise classes
- A range of innovative fitness equipment
- Fitness Assessment Services