Courtney Batistic

I am running a successful business in the heart of Whangarei alongside my business partner and mother; Kylie. We are Muay Thai Movement gym. We offer kids and teens / adults kickboxing classes. This qualification has given me the tools to build my Personal Training Business alongside my main business. I offer one on one personal training sessions as well as small group sessions. I now have regular clients coming to me weekly, getting results and achieving their goals. I feel confident in my training style and delivery, I am truly grateful for my experience with the New Zealand Exercise Academy. I learned a great deal in a short time, my tutors were super helpful and personable, they took time to make sure I understood and felt at ease. I had my struggles with insecurities during the course (feeling overwhelmed, feeling like I wasn’t doing a good enough job, etc) and I was always met with kindness and reassurance. Vikki helped me so much and made it possible for me to achieve what I did. I am so proud of myself for getting this qualification, it is changing my life! The people I meet through my job are incredible. I feel very lucky to be able to help them on their journey to a healthier them. Thank you!